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Why Do Online Betting Sites Merge?

Gamblers in the online betting world based in Canada may have noticed that at some point in their online betting, two or more online gambling platforms that used to be individual entities have merged together to create a somewhat super betting site. But why does this happen? What drives an online betting site in Canada that is seemingly doing well… Read more →

What sports are easiest to bet on?

The Top Sports To Bet On In Canada It is true, that the world of sports betting has seen a dramatic increase over the past few years and it does not look like it is going anywhere anytime soon. This being said, punters in Canada are able to make use of many different online sports betting sites to make all… Read more →

Will VR Casinos Become Mainstream?

Virtual reality casinos are here, even though the technology is still new and somewhat in the preliminary phase, virtual reality casinos are real alternatives to traditional online casino platforms. The Millennial has changed the way consumers view and utilize products. The new age consumer demands a product that is more inviting, immersing and captivating. With the rapid approaches in technological… Read more →

Smartwatch Casino Gaming

Technology has improved the way we handle daily tasks. With smart mobile devices, the most opted for kinds of devices in Canada and around the world, it is only logical that developers start making smartwatch casino games. The reason the mobile market has seen a wave of crowds making use of smart mobile devices is twofold. Mobile devices such as… Read more →

Pokies Apps

Downloading A Pokies App – Things To Remember App stores have made access to apps an instant and gratifying event. There truly is an app for almost everything – from managing everyday life to streamlining specific tasks. App stands for Application. Apps are specially designed tools for online and mobile users in order to achieve a certain outcome. Apps are… Read more →


Election Betting Odds

More and more of New Zealand’s online and mobile betting sites are offering the option of trying some election betting. Sports betting can be seasonal, but politics are happening all year round. Elections are also events that do not happen every day, but there is often an election taking place somewhere in the world. Television also provides the latest news… Read more →

Dot- 2-Bets-New-Zealand

Dota 2 Bets New Zealand

Once under ridicule for being brave enough to run under the banner of sports, electronic sports, or what is now better known as the exciting activity of eSports, have become both increasingly popular and well-established in places all over the world, including New Zealand. This has ultimately given rise to the gambling community’s interest in the unquestionable forces that can… Read more →


Ladbrokes Sports

Ladbrokes Sports can trace its beginnings as far back as the 1800s when Harry Ogden became the first professional bookmaker in the UK.  In 1886 Pennington and Schwind became commission agents and they began backing horses that were being trained at Ladbroke Hall.  Arthur Bendir became partners with Schwind and Pennington and is thought to be the founder of Ladbrokes… Read more →


Online Casino In Philippines

Foreign players from all skill levels and financial standpoints can enjoy a vast selection of casino games from some of the top-rated casino sites in the Philippines. Developed by some of the best software and gaming providers in the gaming industry, and offered by reputable, licenced online casinos, these online games are offered in demo version, free play mode and… Read more →